PED-ACT Stakeholder Workshop at Karşıyaka, Izmir

PED-ACT Stakeholder Workshop at Karşıyaka, Izmir

Last week we had the time to collaborate and think together about İzmir! PED-ACT’s WP6 “Co-learning Processes and Co-design Strategies” leader wonderland platform for european architecture organized this workshop which is hosted by Karşıyaka Belediyesi and facilitated by İzmir Institute of Technology.

This stakeholder engagement workshop at the Karşıyaka Synagogue Building had attendees from public bodies, citizens, NGOs, the private sector, academia, and local government.

Several bodies from Karşıyaka Municipality attended the workshop as the Climate Change and Zero Waste Directorate, Planning and Project Directorate, Urban Vision Unit, and Citizen Participation Unit, as well as representatives from Demir Enerji Danismanlik and İzmir Institute of Technology. Ozlem Senyol and Alp Erdoğan have presented their work regarding the district of Karşıyaka. PED-ACT project goals and progress were briefly presented by Eylem Keskin (IZTECH).

Wonderland’s Bahanur Nasya moderated the workshop with their collaborative framework for PED-ACT. Each participant joined the discussion and steered the conversation into the prolific realms of co-creation.

Yilmaz Vurucu played their short film in the scope of Open Heritage, the Stara Trznica Old Market Hall. Bahanur Nasya (moderator) and Yilmaz Vurucu have also filmed interviewing actors for the PED-ACT project.

The PED-ACT team also visited the demo site for an updated feasibility study and also examined the Solar Power Plant in the north. We are hoping to deliver more good news from Izmir!

We would like to thank all of our participants and our team members for this fruitful event!