Cıty of borlänge, SWEDEN


Borlänge is located in Dalarna County, mid-Sweden. It is an example of small cities in northern Europe. Its total area is 583.9 km2 with 52 000 inhabitants, and the majority live in the city.

Borlänge Municipality has recently adopted a new environmental strategy with ambitious targets for climate mitigation, energy efficiency and renewable energy. Borlänge and Umeå cities have set up their Climate City Contracts (CCC).

Borlänge is part of the innovation programme Viable Cities – ‘Climate Neutral City’, which gathers 23 Swedish cities with the aim of reaching climate-neutral cities by 2030. BM is together with the other cities a part of the Viable Cities Transition Lab, which is a learning process, including recurring national fora with other cities and stakeholders. The aim is to explore and shape theory and methods of change as well as build distributed knowledge and expertise as a basis for action to enable accelerated climate and sustainability transition in cities. 


    Photo credit: Borlange Municipality