karşıyaka, İZMİR/TÜRKİYE


İzmir is located on the Aegean Coasts of western Türkiye. It is the second largest port city in Türkiye. İzmir’s total area is 11.891 km² with 4,367 million total and 3.209.179 metropolitan inhabitants in urban areas. 

Karşıyaka Municipality asserts its sustainability actions in its manifesto as translated from Turkish below:


As Karşıyaka Municipality, we focus on the concept of sustainability while shaping the future of the city and see the Global Sustainable Development Goals as a reference. We adopt a community-based approach in our understanding of municipalism; We base our services on the principles of transparency, honesty, reliability, fairness, equality, accessibility and diligence. For this purpose, we attach importance to working for a more fair, equal and green World, and to pioneer long-term, human and Earth-oriented projects and services together with our stakeholders; We feel responsible towards our people, our stakeholders and our planet.

Adopting the concept of governance in which the residents of Karşıyaka have a say,
To use local government resources more fairly, effectively and efficiently,
To demonstrate a people-oriented, innovative and participatory attitude in the services it produces and carries out,
Reducing the carbon and water footprint of the municipality and its subsidiaries,
Increasing the percentage of energy we produce from renewable energy sources,
To be transparent, accountable, measurable and accessible to internal and external stakeholders,
As Karşıyaka Municipality, we aim to protect our world with limited resources and to create a cyclical production/consumption organization with the support of our citizens.