Our dear members of PED-ACT, a diverse group from Austria, Sweden and Türkiye, got the chance to join the 2nd PED-EU-NET Training School titled “Implementing Positive Energy Districts (PED): Learning from Zürich”. This TS is organized by Maria-Beatrice Andreucci, PhD the grant holder of the Cost Action CA1912, and hosted by ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften with local coordinator Matthias Haase at ZKSD Zurich Knowledge Center for Sustainable Development in Zurich.

We would like to thank our members Ghazal EtminanEylem KeskinJuveria Shah, and Moa Mattsson for taking this great incentive towards learning the implementation of the PEDs in Zürich in this knowledge-packed Training School.

We are excited to see our pilot areas becoming lighthouses for energy communities and PEDs with further help from our colleagues!